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North East Flat Roof Repair Services

When the flat roof starts to leak, what do you do? Panic? Most people panic! Stop worrying Over the years the vast majority of flat roofs will require repair work or maintenance to keep them working efficiently. Now it may need replaced, but in all likely hood in will need a simple flat roof repair.

Findley will free of charge inspect any north east flat roofing repair and inform you to what is going on with your flat or garage roof. Our expertise and free advice will locate the main roofing issues and allow you to take the action required how ever small or big.

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Repairs on flat roofs have always been common in the roofing industry due to the vast majority of garage roofing or any flat installation they have used traditional methods. The traditional methods would have included ply, timber and felt. Now going back a few years this was the best way to go and was universally accepted as a proven method. With huge advances in technology the flat roof installation has changed considerably and improved no end. The introduction of materials such as GRP and EPDM have gave customers a fantastic new selection of products that will not only outlast and out preform all the older alternatives.

I may have a repair, what next?

We can take a look free of charge. We see in excess of 50 north east roofing customers a day, we are quite happy to take a look and let you know if its a simple fix right up to a replacement.

We will carry out a full professional survey to establish what is required and we will show you what we find. Then we can fire it all out to you in a free no obligation quotation that you can view at your leisure.

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Findley are approved north east flat roof repair specialists for our region.

We cover,

  • Newcastle
  • Sunderland
  • Durham
  • Middlesbrough
  • Tyne and Wear
  • Northumberland

If you have any queries or need just advice, then be sure to contact our friendly team. We will strive to help anyway possible and if you need one of our specialist surveyors to take a look remember its all free! Call 0191 417 34 22

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