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North East Pointing and Repointing Brickwork Services

Pointing north eastRepointing Brickwork and Pointing in general will save you a tonne of headache in the future.


Every home at some point will require some brickwork maintenance whether it be pointing or repointing. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided living in the UK its part of the whether that we get throughout the North East.

Don’t worry about a thing there is no reason to lose sleep, just by doing simple regular checks on your brickwork you will know yourself if any maintenance is required. If you need any help or assistance Findley roofing and building is always available to provide first class free advice.

Signs that will indicate if pointing or repointing are required


  • brickwork repointing north eastCement will be visible around the base of the brickwork, this will have fallen off and only be little bits.
  • If you’re unsure whether its cement or dirt run your finger along the gaps in the brickwork, if you find it’s loose or cement missing then repointing is required.
  • Still unsure then give us a call to have a look, it’s free and you will gain a bit of knowledge about what to look for in the future.
  • The one that’s a bit hard to check yourself is upper levels that will be higher up and they do require regular checks.



With Findleys North East roofing services you receive only first class service from time served tradesmen who are well rounded in all aspects or chimney repair work. We will fully inspect your brickworks current condition and if any pointing is required we will show you where and how it’s affecting your walls. If it needs more than pointing then again you will be shown the areas and explained in detail why.

Findley Roofing is a well-established company operating throughout the North East with over 30 years’ experience and knowledge we are the company you can trust. We cover Tyne and Wear area’s including Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle

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