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What is EPDM?

All you need to know about EPDM systems.

A synthetic rubber that will last for many years in all weather conditions making it the best roofing membrane. Ethylene and propylene from the earths natural’s gas and oil makes up EPDM. It has become very popular with it being available in many sizes and choice of black or white. Contractors favour EPDM because it has many different ways to be installed, so it could turn the hardest job into the easiest job.

edpm systems

IS EPDM the choice for me?

It became very popular with low-slope roofs in the North East and through the UK over 40 years ago. EPDM is also a chosen material by many architects all over the world. When your researching your project and what materials are required EPDM will always be strongly recommended by many different companies and this is all down to companies doing their homework on EPDM. It has been put to the test many times and always shows the same results.

  • It has a tireless resistance
  • Cope extremely well in hail
  • It actually has a very high tolerance in all weather conditions making it the perfect material
  • Handles very well in extreme heat, not just the sun but fire
  • Will never fade completely UV resident
  • EPDM will also with stand high speed winds

All above is perfect but only when fitted correctly so make sure you choose the right company, a company that have specialist EPDM installers would be preferable. To request a quote from Findley its here.

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