• Roof Replacement

    13 early signs you may need a roof replacement

    It’s better to be safe than sorry when looking after your roof. After all, that roof helps to keep you warm and cosy in your home! Here are some signs that replacing that roof could soon be in order…

    Light is trickling into your attic

    If you enter the attic and notice light leaking into it, this could be due to cracked or missing roof tiles, as noted by Bidvine. Major leaking could justify replacing that roof soon, says Good Housekeeping.

    Your roof is nearing its expected lifespan

    Typically, a roof can remain intact for 20-25 years ahead of its replacement becoming necessary. However, the roof’s material and weather conditions to which it is subjected can affect the lifespan.

    Tiles have started curling

    Whether tiles have started turning upward at the edges or coming up in the middle, this is a sign of weathering and that your roof might soon start leaking. Replace the roof before it does.

    Whole tiles are gone

    While replacing the occasional lost tile should not prove difficult, finding new tiles matching the existing ones in colour could be hard. Replacing the whole roof could be wiser.

    The roof is leaking

    Possible causes of a leaking roof include missing tiles and blocked gutters. A leaking roof can cause water damage, mould and mildew – and is best rectified with a complete roof replacement.

    The roof is sagging

    If your roof is structurally problematic or has suffered extensive water damage, the roof could sag. The safest way of sorting out a sagging roof is replacing it.

    Your roof has mould, moss or fungi

    An excessively moist roof can develop any of these issues. Mould or fungi can call for a full roof replacement, but you might be able to just wash moss away if it hasn’t entered the home.

    You have water-stained rooms

    Should you spot water stains inside the house, you can likely attribute them to a leaky roof. Water stains can become mould or fungi over time; thus, getting the roof fully replaced is advisable.

    You spot peeling paint indoors

    This can also be blamed on a leaky roof. Often, it is cement walls, not walls with dry lining, on which paint can peel due to water damage – which, if extensive, could necessitate a whole new roof.

    Granules constantly dropping from the roof

    Roofs tend to lose granules as they age or due to inclement weather. However, those granules help keep your roof safe; therefore, replace a shedding roof.

    Obstructed drainage

    As gutters direct water away from your roof, this function could be hindered if greenery and vermin accumulate in those gutters, which should be cleaned regularly.

    Damaged chimney flashing

    Such flashing could leave your residence more open to water damage. Should the flashing damage worsen, you may need both the chimney and the area surrounding it replacing.

    Neighbours are getting roof replacements

    If your neighbours’ homes were built about the same time as yours, consider our services in roofing in Newcastle upon Tyne and other North East areas.

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