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    5 garage conversion ideas

    Are you really using your garage to its full potential? Unfortunately, probably not; Phil Spencer, who co-presents Location Location Location, has told The Telegraph that “90% of British garages don’t contain a car”, leading him to brand garages “a wasted asset”.

    If you are one of that 90%, what can you do with that garage? There’s a huge range of possibilities, though some – like the ideas listed below – could prove more fruitful than others.

    Spacious kitchen

    Your kitchen might look so tired that it apparently must have been an afterthought for the home’s previous owners. Perhaps its appliances and tiling look like they haven’t been in fashion since Vanilla Ice was in the charts; however, a garage conversion could enable you to start completely afresh.

    Better still, it could let you put together a kitchen much bigger and more spacious than the existing one. HouseBeautiful highlights one example of a spectacularly good garage-to-kitchen makeover.

    Home cinema

    Why do we often choose to watch films at the cinema rather than home? It’s largely because the cinema has a huge, immersive screen and booming sound. However, you can bring both to a home cinema that you set up in an otherwise unused garage.

    Homedit.com recommends the inclusion of several particular items in this home cinema – including good sound equipment, comfortable seating, popcorn and, of course, the big screen.

    Home gym

    Given how hectic our lives can be, it’s hardly surprising that we often struggle to squeeze in a sustained fitness regime. It also doesn’t help our waistlines that many jobs involve basically sitting on a chair right through the workday.

    However, if you were to put an array of gym equipment – such as gym mats, ropes, swings and monkey bars – into your garage, you wouldn’t have to spend so much time travelling to “the gym”.

    Cosy guest house

    Naturally, when guests come around, you want to make them feel special. However, what if they turn up unannounced? You might not even have a spare room in which they can sleep… though one exception would be if that room were part of a garage that had been turned into a guest house.

    With beds, cabinets, plants, TVs, a kitchen, bathroom facilities and even more, this guest house could make visitors feel more like they are staying in a hotel than a friend’s house!

    Home workspace

    If you regularly work from home, whether that work is writing, painting or something else, you probably don’t need us to remind you how frustratingly distracting home working can be. It’s just not the same as working in dedicated premises to which you would commute every weekday.

    However, you could bring home much of the feel of such premises by converting your garage into an office or art studio from which you can bar those pesky – but lovable – kids. It’s all possible after you have utilised our services for North East garage conversions. Ring us on 0191 417 3422 to get the ball rolling.

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