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    5 ways to improve the value of your home

    If you’re considering offloading your home at some point down the line, you could understandably be thinking carefully about how to enhance its value. In fact, you have probably raised this subject with an estate agent in the past; so, how can you indeed add to the home’s value?

    There’s a huge range of options open to you, though which of them you should select largely depends on the probable return on investment. Here are some of the most worthwhile options.

    Expand living space by converting a loft

    If you want some more living space, the most cost-effective manner of getting it is having a loft converted. Though any loft conversion would need to be carefully planned to ensure that it meets building and fire regulations, your home’s value could rise by 21%, according to one estimate…

    This is a conclusion reached by Nationwide Building Society and cited by Ideal Home, which notes that the cost of converting an attic could be as little as about £20,000.

    How glass can be class

    You might need planning permission before you can build a conservatory, but the project could result in your home’s value growing by 15%. This would, at least, be the case if the conservatory formed part of a complete extension.

    Approach the project carefully; a design that neither clashes with your home’s overall style nor swallows up too much of the garden would be a wise choice. At Findley Roofing & Building, we offer a broad choice of options for conservatories in the North East.

    Be a lean, green, eco-friendly machine

    When someone buys a particularly environmentally efficient home, they can start making savings straight away due to the relatively little energy the household needs.

    In fact, an eco-friendly property could fetch as much as 6% more in value compared to a standard home, according to some estimates. Nationwide believes that 27cm-thick loft insulation and cavity wall insulation would each yearly save a home £210-250 on its heating bills.

    Create curb appeal if you don’t want to… curb appeal

    There’s a saying that you get only one opportunity to make a good first impression, so make it count. You can do so by making meticulous enhancements to the look of your front door and hallway.

    To these ends, you could give the door a good scrub and a fresh layer of paint, while better-looking replacements for the letterbox and house number might not go amiss either. On top of all of that, clear any clutter that might have somewhat inadvertently gathered in the hallway.

    Give your kitchen a modern refresh

    Kirsty Allsop, the co-presenter of property show Location Location Location, has advised modernising the kitchen – as, otherwise, buyers could fret about being landed with this responsibility, as AOL observes.

    Nonetheless, you don’t need to be too adventurous in your efforts. Allsop has advised against pricy designer kitchens and instead recommended crafting a timeless design. Replacing the doors and worktops could cost you just £2,000, but add £10,000 to your property’s value.

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