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    5 home improvements that can transform your life

    If you agree with the proverb that “home is where the heart is”, then it probably won’t surprise you that a major change to your residence could significantly change your life, too. Nonetheless, considering how much breadth there is to the range of available home improvements, you could be excused for reticence when you give yourself the job of choosing between them. Here are some enhancements that we reckon have especially strong potential to change your life for the better.

    Getting rid of physical clutter

    Simply tidying up your house can have an obvious usefulness for when you are eager that major revamps are carried out there and don’t want anything to physically get in the way. However, it can also benefit you psychologically. Minimalism expert Joshua Fields Milburn has explained, as quoted by Reader’s Digest, that “physical clutter is a manifestation of emotional clutter”, adding: “By dealing with the stuff around me, I was able to finally start to deal with what was going on inside.”

    Increasing the amount of interior space

    This could tie in with the previous point, as a property can easily look less cluttered when it is given more space. You might wonder how you can create such space; however, property expert Sarah Beeny calls a conversion a simple way of doing so, according to The Sun. In a loft, you could include an en-suite and a spacious bedroom; the conversion could boost the home’s value by £44,000 and so give you a decent return on investment. Alternatively, we could convert your garage.

    Extending your tidying to the garden as well

    This includes thoroughly tending to the lawn and all of the plants and tidying up the home’s exterior to get rid of such eyesores as randomly-strewn weeds and peeling exterior paintwork. Should you personally tidy the garden and have the outside walls painted, the cost could set you back only about £1,500, as reported by The Sun. Collectively, various enhancements to the outside could add about 2% to your property’s value; for the average home, that’s an extra £4,400.

    Adding a fresh lick of paint

    If many of the current colours in your home are looking a bit staid, you could brighten up your walls by layering on some modern hues. You don’t have to stick strictly to neutral colours. Sarah advises that you look to TV shows, magazines and interiors bloggers for inspiration, explaining: “First impressions count and people will pay a premium for nicely decorated homes”.

    Have your roof repaired if necessary

    Perhaps your North East home has started leaking from a flat roof – in which case, you could benefit from having that roof inspected. We at Findley can conduct this inspection without charging you. Once we have discerned if a repair is indeed necessary, you could then consider a free quote for a roof repair North East service that we are capable of delivering for you. There would be no obligation to accept this quote; the final decision ultimately rests with you.

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