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We can meet a range of Carlisle roofing needs

If your Carlisle home’s roof has incurred damage, you don’t strictly have to contend with this inconvenience for long. We have experienced roofers who can inspect and fix that roof – or even put in place a whole new one. Here are more details of what our Carlisle roofing services entail.

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We have experts who can advise about a variety of roofing subjects that may be confusing you.

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Our Carlisle roofers have impressive experience

We have been utilising our roofing expertise to service households for just short of 40 years. Our corporate growth has remained unhindered, with contented customers playing a big part in this.

Today, we enjoy a prestigious reputation as a roofing company – and we haven’t forgotten that our knowhow in roofing matters has significantly helped get us to this point. Our services in repairing and revamping roofs are easily available wherever your residence lies in Carlisle.

Reasons to settle on our Carlisle roofers

  • Our tenure of activity as roofers dates back close to 40 years.
  • Our solid financial position cements our future and so enables us to continue providing roofing services for many successive years.
  • We have been trained to expertly tackle a broad breadth of roofing and building projects.
  • Our referral rate is very good, too – and we have many happy customers to thank for that.

We know that our present formidability as roofers is built on decades of expertise in the industry, while the company itself has not lagged in its year-on-year growth.

These Carlisle roofing services are readily at hand

New Roof Installations

New roofing



Flat Roofing

Flat roofs

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roof repair

Garage roof replacement

Garage roof replacement

Garage roof replacement

Garage roof replacement

GRP Fibreglass

GRP roofing

GRP Fibreglass

GRP roofing


EPDM roofing

Felt Roofing

Felt roofing

Chimney Stack Repair

Chimney stacks

Brick Pointing

Pointing and repointing

If you like the idea of GRP, EPDM or other particular materials being used for your roof, then we can detail plus points of each. That can include revealing which of these materials are most recommended for your specific needs, plus case studies of where the materials have been well-used.

The information we provide at that stage can ease your decision of which of our professional services to opt for. You will be benefitting from a professional standard in any instance.

To discuss your requirements, call us today: 0191 417 3422

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Our Carlisle roofers can be contacted with ease

Though our site is packed with information, there might remain a few questions unaddressed on our web pages. In that case, you can send those questions to us. It’s easy to do so by email via or phone if you call 0191 417 3422.

Which of our services do you seek? For any of them, you can receive – at no charge – a quotation once we have assessed what building or roofing work is necessary. You would not be obliged to accept this quotation; we also let you freely utilise a survey.

Interested in our roofing and building services?

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If you have a question or need our assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, as our team is always at hand. Our main offices are in Washington, and you can reach us by calling today on 0191 417 3422

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