Conservatory Roofs

A breath of fresh air for your home

As with every service we provide at Findley’s, we like to provide the very best – from materials to building, and all the way through to aftercare. Subsequently, we wholeheartedly recommend the Guardian Warm Roof system for conservatory owners everywhere. If you’re thinking of adding a new conservatory to your property, we can help you out there, too.

The Guardian Warm Roof system is a revolutionary step forward in home improvement. It is a high-performance, lightweight roof replacement system that dramatically transforms your conservatory into an ambient living space that you can enjoy all year round.

Designed to replace your existing conservatory’s glass or polycarbonate roof, this system can be used with your original windows, doors, door frames and walls – and is fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.

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Conservatory roof
Conservatory roof
Conservatory roof

Conservatory Roof Checklist

Some questions to ask when deciding whether you need a new conservatory roof…

Services Checklist
  • Is your conservatory too hot?
  • Is your conservatory too cold?
  • Does it look the part?
  • Is it too bright/light?
  • Does your roof leak/create a draught?
  • Do you want more privacy?

We offer a range of conservatory roofing options, including Supalite, Ultraframe RealROOF and Ultraframe LivinROOF, as well as roof lights. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

What are the benefits of new conservatory roofs?

  • Increases privacy
  • Matches existing roof finish
  • Maintains consistent temperature
  • Maximises natural light

Consider a new conservatory roof if...

  • Your roof emits too much light
  • Your roof leaks or is damaged
  • You want to replace a plastic roof
  • You want to maximise the feeling of space

A roof system like no other

A Guardian Warm Roof system offers benefits like no conservatory on the market. Say goodbye to extreme heat during summer and unbearable cold in winter, at least within the cosy confines of your conservatory. Switching to this roofing system will deliver a genuinely wonderful living space for you and your family to enjoy all year round, with:

  • Less sun glare and furniture fade, letting you work and rest in comfort
  • Cooler temperatures inside, even in the hot summer months
  • Reduced noise from rain, and the system is 100% weather-tight at all times
  • Increased warmth during winter, letting you enjoy picaresque frosty mornings from inside

What else do we deliver?

We specialise in installing the Guardian Warm Roof system. All Findley Guardian roofs come with the following:

  • Ridge cappings to match roof tiles or slates
  • Choice of roof tiles or slates in a range of colours
  • Standard gutters or bespoke box gutters
  • Breathable, waterproof membrane
  • Exterior grade plywood
  • Structural pre-engineered frame
  • Ventilated roof to eliminate condensation and mould growth
  • Three layers of high-performance rigid insulation board (125mm) U-value 0.18 W/mK

Ready for a new conservatory roof?
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We’re happy to send an estimator to your home to discuss exactly what you need and what we can deliver for you. There may be the chance of a seasonal discount, so don’t be afraid to ask. Our team delivers the most modern conservatories on the market to homes all across the North East of England.

From Tyne and Wear to County Durham and the Tees Valley, Findley’s Roofing & Building is here to help you upgrade your home.

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Very good service, completed on time and the workmen were excellent. Scaffolding was removed the next day as requested.

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I recently had my main roof renewed and was really impressed with the team who carried out the work. Pleasant, hard working guys who pressed ahead to get the job finished promptly (as I have… “Pleasant and helpful”

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