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    Decor ideas for your next home improvement project

    If you are currently itching to decorate your home, a recent survey mentioned by Ideal Home suggests that you are far from alone. A third of people in the 18 to 24 age bracket reckon that a home should be redecorated as often as every three months!

    You would have an especially good reason to decorate if you are adding – or about to add – a new space in your home. Here are some ideas for how you could help make that fresh space look great.

    Upcycle, not discard, old furniture

    If you have a rather worn-looking piece of furniture that you were considering throwing out, stop yourself to consider whether that piece could be upcycled.

    One example of how you could do this is highlighted by Ideal Home. The site shows how remnants of wallpaper could be placed on glass panels of an old wardrobe. Alternatively, you could give an old piece a new look by applying paint or varnish or replacing the upholstery.

    It can be easy being green with a conservatory

    At Findley, our building services for North East households include the provision of conservatories through which revitalising sunshine can enter in abundance. A conservatory can also give you a pleasing panoramic view of the outside foliage, but why not bring some plants inside, too?

    You could add gorgeous greenery – fake plants, if you wish – to a largely white colour scheme that your conservatory might use on the inside.

    Sisters are doin’ it for their shelves

    Does your home include a garage that has long stood empty? You can stop wasting that asset by having us convert it into a different kind of space. For example, that garage could become a home office in which you could carry out freelance work while free of productivity-hindering distractions.

    However, if working from home will rely on your use of particular books and other essentials which you would prefer not to clutter your desk, you could benefit from putting up some shelving.

    Meet your mismatch… in furniture

    Have you spotted a bargain piece of furniture that, nonetheless, you fear wouldn’t aesthetically fit in with the rest of the furniture you intend to place in your new space? You are probably fretting needlessly, as mismatched furniture can look surprisingly good.

    One good example is that of kitchen seating, where variances in colours or styles can easily impress. Spotted an enticing red chair being offered by itself? You don’t need to forgo it for a whole set.

    Choose decor that can double as storage

    Worthy examples of the possibilities here are noted by Freshome. To the bottom of a shelf, you could attach a clothes rack to allow for space-efficient storage. Near your sofa, you could also add an ottoman in which items can be cleverly concealed.

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