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  • windy

    How do I make an insurance claim?

    Naturally, noticing that your home has picked up damage – on the roof or elsewhere – due to harsh weather can be inconvenient on any occasion. However, it can be especially irritating at this time of year, which is deep in the midst of “storm season”. “Storm season” is so-called as storms tend to become […]

  • Competent Roofer

    What is a competent roofer?

    First of all, it doesn’t sound hard to find, does it? In some lines of work, you might seek someone who is ‘exceptional’ at what they do, or maybe ‘outstanding’. Perhaps you’d look for someone with specific qualifications or an impressive portfolio. Well, when it comes to roofing, a ‘competent roofer’ is all of the […]

  • dry ridge system

    What is a dry ridge system?

    First of all, this is a question many homeowners are asking, as people look for ways to keep their properties in pristine condition for as long as possible. The dry ridge roofing system has become an increasingly popular option because it removes the need for mortar to be used in the building process. Replacing this […]

  • Dry Ridge System

    Why should you switch to a dry ridge system?

    And what is it, you may also ask? A dry ridge system is a modern method of mechanically fixing ridge tiles to a roof without using the traditional combination of cement mortar and sand. Yes, mortar and sand have certainly stood the test of time, but the extreme weather of the last few years has […]

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