Homeless Ex Services Programme

Here at Findley Roofing & Building, we run an HESP scheme – our brand new “homeless ex services programme”. This idea is mine, as the company’s director, to respond to countless documentaries and life experiences of seeing our loyal ex service men and women ending up on the streets throughout the North East and elsewhere in the UK.

Sitting at home, watching documentary after documentary seeing our brave men and women, often highly skilled and well-equipped, living on the streets gave me the idea...

"What if I could help put them back on course?"
"What if I could put them back to work and back on the road to success?"

Our company has recently finished the construction of a block of seven large flats and houses in County Durham. We have also fully renovated them and furnished them to an impeccable standard over the winter months. Now, rather than farm these out as standard rentals, I have decided to use the facility to offer homes to the homeless and, ideally, our ex service men and women and begin the process of enrolling them onto our new HESP programme.

Here, they will work alongside the company directors at one of our farms in Durham and start the assessment process to see what the cause of their homelessness actually is and to try to fix it.

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This will involve us calling in the correct services and counselling and if necessary, treatment for PTSD and drug and alcohol addictions. After an initial assessment and interview process, these candidates shall be housed at our company’s expense and clothed and fed. We will start the process of returning them to society and the world of structure and work.

No benefits or state help will be needed. It shall all be strictly funded by our company to try to give something back to a very dear and warm subject that is close to my heart as my company's director.

It is appalling that we aren’t doing enough to help our ex services men and women. I hope that we can help those affected and bring some joy and stories or great success back to a hopefully large group of able-bodied, once hardworking, marching men and women.

Where were they at their happiest and most successful?
Ask yourself, where were these men and women at their very best?

Often, I feel this was in their bunks with fellow servicemen and women. They felt safe and relied-upon among their compatriots. They had each other’s backs, and would die for one another…

I believe that bringing back some shared accommodation with fellow ex servicemen, some structure, and a chance of work and a job together may actually bring back that happiness. It may genuinely break the cycle of homelessness and rejection by modern day society.

If we can help to return one homeless ex service man or woman off the street and back into work, then we have succeeded. Who knows, maybe this scheme will take off and inspire other big firms to support such a program.

Findley's Homeless Ex Services Programme

Successful candidates referred to us from local soup kitchens and shelters would be interviewed, drug and alcohol tested and then given accommodation, food, and clothing. Following an initial assessment, they would be invited to join a group working together with me, the company director. They would be away from the public and on team building exercises.

After an 8-12 week period, these men and women may, depending on their qualifications and experience, be deemed suitable to join our workforce as quality labour and tradespeople.

This would enable us here at Findley Roofing & Building to have a supply of highly skilled, highly trained individuals who have a chance at life and the success we share and spread daily.

Let's march with these men and women, hand in hand onto continued success.

We need a quality workforce - and what better workforce than former members of the British armed services? Let's extend a helping hand to these people and assist our company in finding the great staff we are looking for.

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