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  • chimney

    How should you deal with your chimney leak?

    A chimney can form a crucial part of a home’s roof. However, its unique structure compared to the rest of the roof means that it can develop surprising problems particularly evidenced by a leak. In this article, we will share experiences of having dealt with customers’ chimneys. We will also inform about potential defects, how […]

  • Findley Roofing

    New year, new…roof? Why you should book a professional roof inspection

    Every new year, we have an inherent tendency to focus, at least for a few weeks, on self-improvement; saving money, maybe losing weight or getting fitter, and perhaps partaking in 30 days of self-induced abstinence. Home improvement is put on the back burner for most of us, especially while Christmas is still fresh in the […]

  • budgeting

    Budgeting tips for your next home improvement project

    Working to improve your home can prove pricier than is appetising. According to one study cited by Which?, between 20% and 30% of people were eager to rein in their expenditure on home improvements this year compared to what they spent on such in 2017. Fortunately, settling on a home improvement project that fits your […]

  • autumn

    Decor ideas to embrace autumn in your home

    As night temperatures cool and we see brown leaves gathering on our front porch, we can’t deny what the calendar has already been telling us: autumn is well and truly here. It might not feel like it’s been too long since the summer and its abundance of warm sun came to an end. However, now, […]

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