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    How a new roof can transform your conservatory

    Once a conservatory has been added to your house, you could easily largely forget about it – at least during the colder months. After all, surely a conservatory only serves sufficient practical purpose when the weather is bright and warm? Actually, that belief may say more about your particular conservatory than conservatories generally, as a new roof could hugely improve it.

    One simple solution to multiple problems

    One common problem with traditional conservatories is that they tend to be fitted with glass or polycarbonate roofs that are ineffective at helping to preserve the overall structure’s warmth. This can obviously hamper the practical use of that conservatory when frost has gathered in abundance outside. The roof might also leak or let in too much light.

    All of these problems can be solved if you opt for a replacement roof to be installed. However, you ought to be meticulous with your exact choice of new roof. We would urge you to particularly heed Blue & Green Tomorrow‘s recommendation of a roof comprising solid tiles and insulated layers.

    Some like it hot… in their conservatory

    The effective insulation of this kind of roof can prove an especially strong boon. It basically means that, even as the temperature falls outside, you don’t necessarily need to turn up your residential heating, as the roof can help trap much heat that is already in the conservatory.

    Hence, you can save money on your energy bills, while the conservatory no longer needs to be something that you only enter during summer. Instead, you could turn it into a space that is usable all year round – perhaps as a games room or home office.

    More firmly integrate the conservatory into your home

    It would be rather fitting if, as a result of this new roof, your conservatory effectively becomes a whole new room of the house, rather than simply a summer space for occasional use. We say this because that roof could include solid tiles that make it, to quote a phrase on The Telegraph‘s website, “a seamless, open-plan part of your house – not just a bolt-on.”

    It certainly helps that you could choose from various tile colours for that roof; this would clearly make it easier for you to arrange a roof that visually matches that of the rest of the house. Such tile colour choice is available with our Supalite roofs; these are lightweight, energy-efficient and suitable for installation on older conservatories.

    New roof installation: a small procedure that can make a big difference

    You might still feel deterred from arranging for a new roof to be fitted on your conservatory. The roof is a vital part of a conservatory; so, wouldn’t getting a new roof means walls, windows and doors of that structure having to be altered? Actually, not necessarily!

    Recently-developed technology and methods have enabled conservatory roofs to be replaced with a lot less fuss than this. Our County Durham roofing firm can conduct such installation at homes anywhere in North East England.

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