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    How to enhance the natural light in your home

    There are various merits of creating a greater amount of natural light in your residence. One is that, quite simply, natural light is healthy, providing us with vitamin D and perking up our spirits, says Decorated Life. Another is that it is particularly in demand among buyers of family homes.

    According to research mentioned by HouseBeautiful last year, 26% of such buyers deem natural light a “must-have” feature in a family residence. This compares to the 19% of respondents who valued a large and safe garden and 16% who advocated an open-plan kitchen/dining area.

    At first thought, you might believe more – or larger – windows necessary for giving your home a stronger dose of natural light. However, arranging for the installation of new windows can be expensive; there are simpler alternative methods, such as these…

    Paint your walls and ceilings lighter colours

    If your walls currently have many dark block colours and large sections of statement wallpaper, perhaps you should apply layers of paint in a soft shade of white. That colour will brighten the feeling of the space by reflecting – rather than absorbing – natural light that comes into the room.

    However, you should still be careful which shades of white you choose. To prevent a space feeling cold, forgo brilliant white in favour of an off-white shade in preparation for painting the walls. You can particularly make a room look taller and more spacious by painting a ceiling two shades lighter than the attached walls. Paint of satin finish can help reflect light especially effectively.

    Keep it clean, but not so green

    Simple though it sounds, you can enable your glass windows and doors to let more light through if you thoroughly clean them – or task someone else with that responsibility. You might have long neglected the cleanliness of those windows without really realising it.

    However, it isn’t just dirt and other debris that could hamper how much light passes through the glass of those windows and doors. Look at your garden; has any greenery there excessively grown around the glass? Bushes, trees and climbing plants can all be culprits, so you might want to give them a trim – if only a little. After all, that greenery may still look really nice through those windows.

    Give your eaves a lick of white paint

    What are the overhangs that your roof creates and can be seen through your windows? They are called eaves and, as The Spruce explains, either exposed or concealed by a horizontal soffit. In either situation, natural light reflects off eaves and into your residence.

    For that reason, by painting those eaves white, you can invite even more natural light into the building. Don’t fret too much if, as you are about to paint those eaves, you notice something about them that looks untoward. If you live in Newcastle or another part of the North East, you can have us carry out repairs for which you can choose from enticing Newcastle roofing finance packages.

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