• Preparing house for market

    How to prepare your house to go on the market

    While Brexit might have thrown much of the UK economy into uncertainty, this doesn’t mean that 2018 won’t see a lot of activity in the property market. Quite the opposite, in fact…

    There are still plenty of properties just waiting to be sold – and, by cutting stamp duty for first-time buyers, the Chancellor has likely fuelled their appetite for perusing the properties available. So, how can you help make your own home stand out? Through following these tips…

    Beautify the approach to your house

    TV property expert Sarah Beeny advises that most buyers devise their earliest impressions of a house within seconds of entering it, as explained on the Ideal Home site.

    However, you could start garnering positive impressions even sooner than that – by tidying up your home’s outside. To do this, you could trim bushes, plant flowers, and check that, if your home includes a path running up to the door, this path looks clean and tidy.

    Apply some fresh – but neutral-hued – paint inside

    When you casually use your property week in, week out, you could easily overlook slightly tired-looking décor. However, ironically, prospective buyers are likely to quickly notice it when viewing your home, Property Reporter warns. Therefore, it’s worth applying a fresh lick of paint.

    If you don’t currently have paint in a neutral colour, buy some. The expense of doing so could easily pay for itself through adding at least £10,000 to your asking price for the property.

    Get damage repaired

    There might be little problems which, in your house, have been allowed to linger for the simple reason that you always seem to have more urgent matters to take care of.

    However, damage such as wear to carpets or cracks in tiles would not go unnoticed by potential buyers. For this reason, you should get all such issues sorted before you put your home on the market. Broken roof tiles can be rectified by our roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne and elsewhere.

    Get hold of an Energy Performance Certificate

    It would be legally necessary that you, when selling your home, give the buyer what is called an Energy Performance Certificate – or EPC. An EPC details a property’s energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. It also features an energy efficiency rating from A to G; from most to least efficient.

    You can obtain an EPC for your property from an accredited domestic energy assessor after they have assessed the home’s energy efficiency. While the EPC’s cost will depend on your property’s size and location, the certificate will stay valid for ten years from when it is issued.

    Consider that, once you have judged your property ready for viewings, the Teesside news site Gazette Live details how to go about putting that property on the market. The site includes guidance for steps including getting the property valued, finding an estate agent, accepting offers, conveyancing, and – ultimately – wrapping up a sale.

    However, if the home’s roof still looks unappealing, call our office on 0191 417 3422 to find out how we could help.

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