• Space in your home

    How to open up more space in your home

    When your physical possessions grow so numerous that your home begins to look less like a room and more like a warehouse, it’s easy to be despondent. Is your home simply too small? Will you need to move into a larger one?

    Not necessarily. Look at the following tips for maximising space at home. You could find that this advice helps you develop just the spaciousness that you need – and, crucially, without requiring a daunting amount of financial outlay.

    Arrange for a loft conversion – or much more than one

    When we recommend a loft conversion, you might be convinced that we are referring specifically to revamping an attic. However, there are various parts of the house to which you could add a loft.

    BuzzFeed says that those areas include above the kitchen and other rooms of the house, such as your living room and bathroom. Elevated lofts in these areas can provide not only storage but also privacy if your house has a particularly large number of occupants.

    Expand your outdoor living space

    Your home comprises not only your interior spaces but also your porch and gardens. On the subject of a porch, you could enlarge it to make it a suitable spot for summer lounging. That porch could even be made to wrap entirely around the building – a good tactic for boosting your home’s useable, sheltered space without swallowing up too much of your garden.

    Convert your garage

    You might have a garage that never gets used for a car, perhaps because you neither have or need such a vehicle. In that case, you could have the garage converted into a new living space. If the garage is attached to your main residential building, you could even get the separating wall removed, suggests Real Homes.

    If your home is in North East England, our professionals here at Findley Roofing & Building could expertly undertake that garage conversion for you.

    Repurpose an unused bedroom

    There may also be a surplus bedroom; that can happen if, for example, you live alone in a two-bedroom house. However, that room could be effectively repurposed.

    It could become a home office – for which plentiful sockets, an Internet connection, and a phone line will be necessary. Alternatively, you could make the space into a hobby room; for this, you might also require sockets for powering a television and sound system.

    Add lots of shelving

    Think you’ve run out of space in which to place shelves? We’d urge you to have another look. There might be a spare wall to which floor-to-ceiling shelving could be attached. Also, thoroughly look for nooks and crawl spaces where even more shelves could be creatively installed.

    While on the subject of shelving, we would also suggest that you place much of it in such a way that the items will be highly visible. This can make things easier to find while also preventing you simply shoving clutter under your bed. Clearly seeing that clutter could encourage you to organise it.

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