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Here at Findley Roofing & Building, we have teams specialising in not only the construction of new chimney stacks across the North East, but also the repair of current chimney stacks.

Only a select few areas of any chimney stack requires any maintenance, namely the brickwork pointing and flashings.

However, any work undertaken on chimney stacks is also subject to a wealth of health and safety guidelines, with which there must be continual compliance. All in all, only the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals are able to undertake such specialised work.

Trust our experts here at Findley Roofing & Building to provide the highest standard of work on your own chimney, including a free survey and advice as to whether mere repairs or a complete replacement are necessary.

Bear in mind that as we work with your chimney stack, we may also need to pay attention to some pointing work. Fortunately, we enjoy an exceptional reputation for repointing brickwork services in the North East.

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Turn to Findley Roofing & Building for the following chimney and chimney repair services

  • Chimney Repair
  • Chimney Removal
  • Flashing
  • Pointing and cement work
  • Structural strength
  • Sound prevention
  • Stack repair

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What does chimney work involve?


Chimney repoints need to be carried out routinely, roughly every 25 years. We can grind out to 15mm and repoint with a 3:1 sand/cement mix, sparing you the need to arrange this work again for some time.

Reflaunch Pots

The removal or re-flaunching of pots should be done as a standard, as and when chimney flues become redundant (for instance, if you have a coal fire removed inside the home).


When a chimney is no longer required, this can also lead to a complete demolition of the structure. Findley’s builders can drop the structure to below roof height and either tile or slate over what is left, leaving the aesthetic of your home intact.


Between 1900 and 1940, most chimneys burned at extreme temperatures due to coal and coke fires. The impact of this can often be seen with larger stacks, where they “belly out”. When caught early enough, these stacks can be repointed or rebuilt. Upon completion, a certified Gas Safe engineer will need to perform a smoke test.

Lead Work

Chimney lead work should last 60 years, but will often be a major contributor to leaks. 2018 building regulations require Findley’s to upgrade your lead work to Code 4 standard for flashings and Code 5 for the rear pan of the stack. Code 3 is no longer permitted for anything other than soakers. See our dedicated lead work page for more information on lead work codes.


The safest way to conduct chimney stack work is to install what is known as a chimney saddle around the stack. This saddle is required if the chimney works are extensive and/or are the sole works carried out on the property.

Chimney Stack Checklist

Is your chimney stack in need of repair or replacement? Follow our checklist…

Services Checklist
  • Does your chimney stack leak?
  • Is your chimney damp?
  • Is there a draft from your chimney?
  • Is your chimney weather damaged?

If you’ve completed these checks and still need assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a free roof and chimney stack health check.

What are the benefits of chimney stacks?

  • Traditional feature
  • Allow for fireplaces

Choose chimney stacks for the following applications

  • New build properties
  • Repair of existing chimney stack

Why is chimney work often overlooked?

How often have you looked closely at your chimney – as closely we will look at it, that is? The height and position of the chimney stack make it difficult to determine the exact extent of any damage or establish whether a repair is required. Without the right expertise and the proper equipment, you’re not only unable to ascertain what’s required – you’re not working within building health and safety regulations, either.

At Findley’s Roofing & Building, every project we work on is carried out to the highest standards and specifications, and this ensures that difficult but essential chimney work is completed to this level each time. As a homeowner, you’d expect nothing less – but, sadly, this is not always the quality of service you might receive from other roofing and building professionals. Our team will treat your property with the same respect they give to their own, and communicate every step of the process with you as they go.

As part of our service, upon completion of the work, we will provide you with a full written summary and photographs detailing the finished condition of your chimney stack. Then, from here, you will always have a record of what your chimney looks like when it’s in peak condition – giving you a reference to work from in the future.

Chimney stack
Chimney stack
Chimney stack

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Our chimney service is available in all areas of the North East, including Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Northumberland. Contact the Findley Roofing & Building team now, completely free of charge, by sending us an email or calling us on 0191 417 3422.

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