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    Questions to ask when choosing a reliable roofing company

    Your home’s resilience against the outside elements can be especially secure when its roof is solid and watertight. However, whether you seek a whole new roof or just roofing repairs, the expense of doing so strongly warrants your selection of a reliable roofing firm.

    Making that choice can be tricky if you lack thorough experience of the roofing industry and so are unsure exactly what questions you should pose. Here are some queries worth making.

    “Which roofers would my neighbours recommend?”

    Your neighbours might be the best people for you to initially turn to in seeking recommendations, as their residential roofing is likely to match yours in style, Which? points out. That style could be tiles or slates; alternatively, it could be something more unorthodox, like a flat roof.

    Neighbours’ recommendations can be especially useful if your roofing is unusual in structure, as it isn’t a foregone conclusion that just any given roofer will have the experience to provide or fix it.

    “How widely-praised is the roofing company’s work?”

    In grilling your neighbours about roofers of which they have experience, seek insight into whether they hail every single aspect of a roofer’s work. Here, you should be concerned with not only the work’s quality and cost but also how long the roofer took to finish the job.

    Our own roofers here at Findley have attracted many flattering testimonials. Our website includes details of many five-star verdicts and in-depth reviews shedding light on our offerings.

    “Will the company professionally inspect my roof?”

    Even if your roof appears to require just minor repairs, you should expect a roofing firm to visit your property to inspect it before they issue any quote for the job. If they can’t even see the roof’s general state, it would be hard for them to assess it and, therefore, price the job.

    It would be especially beneficial for you if the inspection does not come with any financial charge. Fortunately, we at Findley can check a roof’s condition for free anywhere in the North East.

    “How long has the roofing company been in business?”

    It’s a solid sign of reliability if a roofing company has stayed in the industry for a long time, unhindered by financial crises like bankruptcy. Indeed, Today’s Homeowner urges that you consider only roofing firms that have lasted a minimum of five years.

    We are proud to say that our own company, Findley Roofing & Building, has been an ever-present in the roofing sector for nearly 40 years. That’s a mammoth endorsement of our reliability!

    “Does the company offer convenient payment options?”

    You can help smooth out financial creases of roofing services by choosing a payment method that is especially convenient for you. Therefore, favour a roofing firm which offers various methods.

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has authorised us to offer a pleasing choice of deals – like 0% APR finance packages if you want an entirely new roof. These packages are available whether you seek roofers in Middlesbrough, Sunderland or elsewhere in the region.

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