Reasons to re-roof

There are many reasons why 2,400 customers choose to re-roof their property with Findley Roofing & Building every year. They are wide-ranging and many of them come down to: Is there a financial case to answer when considering a new roof? Furthermore, what are the added benefits?
We discuss some of them here…

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1. Property value increase

It’s no secret that a property with a brand new roof under warranty and with all of the correct paperwork will indeed fetch more on the housing market if offered for sale or to rent. This is demonstrated year after year by our own studying of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) reports that indicate property value increases are in the region of 7-13% with the benefit of a new roof. (7% minimum in low demographic areas and up to 13% in higher value higher demographic homes).

Working out the approximate value of your home and then choosing a middle of the road estimate for increase of, say, 10% is not unreasonable, we find. Such an increase can make it an extremely attractive proposition when there is so much money at stake. More often than not, we have found the benefit in property value increase can exceed the actual given cost of the new roof. This is why this is our first most important financial case to answer.

House prices property value
Increase property value

2. Lower energy bills

It is no surprise that, with hot air rising throughout a building, it is estimated that 76% of this heat loss occurs through the roof.

The data suggests that since the 2004 Government schemes to insulate lofts, this has improved and loft insulation has been a benefit when reducing energy consumption and bills. The problem, however, is in eaves and the heat loss that occurs where there is a gap between where the cavity wall insulation ends and the loft insulation begins. This gap around the house we estimate equates for up to 90% of that heat loss.

The cold spot that ensues is responsible for the remainder of the heat loss and the noticeable gap is only ever seen when the roof is removed. In most parts this gap is where there is no head room for the loft insulator to work and he’s not able to fill the eaves with the appropriate insulation due to restricted access.

Opting for a new roof means we can address this empty cold spot, which can be as much as one metre wide around the building. We can reduce the heat loss and lower energy bills by as much as £300-£650 per year. Taken together with other benefits; this makes a significant financial case to answer for a credible reason to re-roof your property instead of a repair.

Thermal imaging inspection for your home
Annual household energy spend

3. Lower maintenance costs

More obviously, installing a new roof will ultimately remove the need for constant repair and maintenance. Older roofs require constant maintenance and new roofs should be fairly easy to maintain with the odd gutter clear annually. The cost saving therefore must be taken into account and added to the financial case to answer when making your decision to re-roof.

No Maintenance

4. Less stress

The worry and stress that roofs place on homeowners, especially in winter time, can be relentless.

A new roof will often remove all those annual maintenance bills and call outs and essentially save the customer both financially and mentally when dealing with leaky roofs during winter time. Time and time again, we are seeing customers become stress- free the minute they choose a new roof through Findley’s.

Less stress

5. Kerb appeal

Giving a home a new roof often generates great kerb appeal to both neighbours and guests. It also positions the property well for the market in future if you ever intend to sell up and move on. The first image on most property websites for sale and to rent is often the front of the home and a well appointed, well installed brand new roof certainly attracts attention. Kerb appeal should not be underestimated when it comes to customers ever selling a house. A ‘good roof over their head’ is a vital selling point for most agents.

Kerb appeal

6. Deters cold callers

Ever experienced the constant nagging to get the roof replaced?
If you’re tired of that knock at the door about your roof, they are probably all trying
to tout for your business and let you know about damage and repairs that are clearly evident from the ground floor. Ending this constant process by installing a new roof deters any enquires on this matter and certainly demonstrates a reluctance to want to tackle such projects again. It also shows competence and conviction to get things done.

Doorstep crime

7. Protects what matters, your biggest asset

With kitchens and bathrooms costing thousands, and plaster and decoration taking endless hours of work and perfection, the impact of leaking roofs can devastate internal rooms, fixtures and fittings. Year after year, we see devastation around winter time, often leading to huge internal bills for repair. Whilst insurance companies may support customers when this happens, nothing is a given if the roof is proven to be as a result of wear and tear, and the impact can be that most homewoweners have to fork out the time and money to put things right.

Often after a significant roof failure, the case for a new roof builds more pertinent.

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