• Two men repairing a flat roof

    How to tell if your flat roof needs repairing

    If your roof is peaked, it is not strictly difficult to notice when it requires a fix. You could, for instance, see its shingles curling or even the absence of complete shingles, as Good Housekeeping notes. However, when a flat roof is wearing out, there can be little obvious visual sign, DoItYourself.com says.  Therefore, you will have to be clever about how you see if there is an issue.

    A matter of time

    How long ago was it that your flat roof was installed? Typically, a flat roof should be replaced ten years after it was installed, SmartGuy.com states. In that time, it could easily become worn and torn and so, as a result, start leaking water. Should this have indeed happened, you should look to the warranty that was issued when the roof was originally bought.

    However, the answer to the question of whether that flat roof needs repairing could depend on how well it has been maintained. If the roof has gutters which allow water to be drained off, this would prevent a pool of water gathering on that roof. Should a pool instead actually gather, this could lead to the roofing edges losing their sealant.

    On the other hand, little of this might apply if the flat roof is a built-up membrane variant. This kind of roof can last as long as 30 years. It contains granules that can prevent the roof weathering even if you make few efforts to properly maintain that roof.

    Watch out for this and listen out for that

    Have you recently noticed discolouration on a ceiling inside your house? This can often arise due to the penetration and accumulation of moisture beneath the roof’s layers. Holes might have formed in that roof and so caused leaks that have made the ceiling unsightly.

    You should also take note if, when the weather outside is stormy or windy, you hear a fluttering sound. This could be attributable to the inability of your roof’s top coating to resist powerful winds. It might be such winds that are causing the sound of fluttering.

    We can help to relieve uncertainty

    Don’t worry if you remain uncertain about whether your flat roof ought to be repaired. There might be an obvious sign, such as leaking water, that something is wrong. Still, you may be indecisive about whether to arrange for that roof to be repaired or entirely replaced.

    At Findley Roofing & Building, we have professionals who can come out to your property in the North East and, without any financial charge for you, inspect its roof. We can then tell you what work it requires; a simple repair is likely to suffice.

    We can proceed to carry out that repair, with a process that might include repairing and replacing specific materials. A new flat roof can also be installed by our team, should this procedure be deemed necessary. We would welcome you phoning us on 0191 417 3422 to let us discuss North East flat roofing solutions that we offer.

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