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    Simple answers to common roofing queries

    If you have little experience of handling issues with your roof, you could be excused for feeling reticent about expressing your concerns to a roofing professional. After all, you might fear asking what you think that professional could consider a “daft question”.

    However, rest assured that many people before you are likely to have sought an answer to that question. Here are some examples of common roofing queries and answers for each of them!

    How can I tell that my roof needs replacing?

    With a roof that has been in place for decades, you could be worried about the possibility of the structure abruptly collapsing or, at least, water stains forming on your ceilings. After all, you might not know signs which indicate exactly when a roof ought to be replaced.

    Head to our blog on ‘13 early signs you may need a roof replacement‘, which mentions leaking, sagging and missing tiles, for full details.

    Will a steep or shallow pitch make my roof last longer?

    Does your current roof’s age exceed 20 years? If so, the roof likely needs a replacement – but it isn’t a cast-iron indicator. For example, HomeOwners Alliance says that even a clay tiled roof over a century old could stay intact provided that individual defective tiles are replaced as necessary.

    A roof’s pitch won’t be the biggest influence on longevity; more crucial factors include the extent to which that roof is exposed to the worst weather and whether the roof system is properly vented.

    What exactly is roof flashing?

    You might have occasionally heard the term “flashing” being used in passing in relation to roofs, but still be none the wiser as to what roof flashing actually is.

    Flashing is, however, easy to define. It is simply the material – typically aluminium or galvanised steel – that conceals roof and wall joints and so prevents water seepage and damage. Your roof’s valleys and chimney might have flashing that could be damaged by weather or become loose.

    How do skylights and roof windows differ?

    Seeing these terms bandied about, perhaps seemingly interchangeably, can generate much confusion. However, there is apparently little difference between how these terms can be defined, as any glazed assembly letting light pass via a roof can be deemed a skylight.

    A skylight might sometimes be called a roof window if it is relatively large and sufficiently low to accommodate a view of the landscape.

    Can I do anything to remove black stains on my roof?

    Seeing such stains dotted around your roof can be frustrating – especially if the shingle manufacturer omits such staining from the warranty coverage because the shingles’ performance is unaffected.

    It’s true that these stains don’t affect the shingles on a functional level, but they are still unsightly. They are caused by algae, but can still be washed away. Wash them from a ladder or the ground for your own safety. Genuine damage to a roof can be rectified by our roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne and other North East places.

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