• Having problems with your roof?

    How to spot early tell tale signs and problems with your roof

    Are you unsure about whether or not your roof needs repair? Many signs can help you determine whether or not you have a serious problem. Go out and take a look to see if you can identify any of the following issues. If you do, it may be time to get your roof fixed.

    Damaged Areas

    Can you see any significant and obviously damaged areas on your roof?  The most common form of roof damage is caused by weather and time. These factors will cause your roof shingles to weaken and become separate from your roof. Ideally, you should try to fix this issue early on as the more damaged it gets, the quicker shingles will fall and bring further problems into your home.

    Aside from damaged shingles, you could also have damaged flashing. These are the metal sheets that are placed at an angle in your roof, usually around the chimney.  If you spot that this is an issue, it should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage.

    Roof Sagging

    If you notice that your roof is sagging this is something that requires immediate attention. Sagging is often a sign of stress on your roof due to excess moisture. In this case, it is usually advised that you renovate your whole roof.

    Roof sagging is a common problem

    Roof Rotting

    Roof material is often used alongside woodwork that will rot over time. If you live in a climate that is particularly damp or moist, roof rot may occur at a quicker rate. This is an issue that you need to address early on as the more time you let pass, the more rotting will occur and become a larger and more costly problem to solve.

    If none of the above are applicable, but you are still unsure if your roof needs fixing there are a number of tell tale signs you might spot inside your home to help you decide.

    Water Damage

    Damp spots on your ceiling or any other water seepage in areas of your home may be a sign of roof damage. Go through your house and look for water stains on your ceilings. You should pay particular attention when it is raining to see if any areas become damper.

    Heating and Cooling Bills

    Another possible sign of roofing damage can be spotted from your heating and cooling bills. If your roof is damaged, it’s likely that you’ll see a rise in your bills. This is sometimes because too much excess air is entering the house and your cooling or heating system has to compensate for it.

    If you are still unsatisfied with your decision after looking for signs of damage yourself, consider hiring a specialist to do a preliminary survey on your roof. If you are in the Newcastle, Sunderland or Durham area, you can call Findley Roofing.

    We are happy to offer you a free survey and help you identify areas in your roof that may need fixing. We offer competitive rates for all roofing or building work that you may require. Contact us with any initial questions you may have, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find a solution.

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