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    Storm Eleanor: Call Findley today

    Thousands of homes are without power as Storm Eleanor devastates the UK. There have been road closures, delays to public transport, and, of course, damage to property. 78,000 homes have been affected in the UK & Ireland alone with winds up to 55mph in the North East. Flood warnings are in place along the Northumberland coast, metro services have been disrupted and a number of flights have been cancelled from Newcastle airport.

    If your property’s roof has been damaged in any way, don’t hesitate to call Findley straight away on 0191 417 3422. If your home has been damaged in the storm, it is essential you contact repair and restoration specialists that you can genuinely trust to help. With the help of our team, we can soon return your property to it’s previous condition.

    Until we can help, follow our storm damage checklist:

    • Is the weather set to get worse?
    • What can you do to protect possessions?
    • Where can you and your family stay?
    • Will your insurance company cover repairs?
    • Do you need a new roof entirely?

    If you’re concerned about more minor issues, book in your Winter roof check with us today and to reduce the change of further storm damage follow our guide on how to prepare your home for a storm.

Need help? Call us today: 0191 417 3422