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    Tips for giving the exterior of your home the update it deserves this summer

    We all like to look good; that’s why we spend a lot of time trying to decide which clothes to wear on a given day and why we might even go as far as paying for cosmetic surgery. Given that our homes can often feel like extensions of ourselves, it makes sense that we like those to look pleasing, too.

    Nonetheless, in trying to spruce up your home’s exterior, you could risk leaving it uglier or even tinkering with the wrong thing in the first place. Here are some pointers for a sound update.

    Open the door to… a better front door

    Given how much attention that visitors are going to pay to your front door as they walk up your front path, you should make sure that the door leaves the right kind of impression on them. Replacing the door is an option, but you might not need to go that far.

    Firstly, assess the door’s condition by checking for stiff or rusty hinges or surface cracks or splits, as Your Home, Only Better advises. You should also test the door’s knob or handle to see if it is loose. Adding a brass house number or ornamental doorknocker could revitalise a vintage door.

    Want to paint the door? You could follow this guide from DIY Network. However, if the door looks extensively damaged, you might want to instead replace it with a new door in a resilient material like uPVC. We can supply and install such doors at North East residences.

    Is the writing on the wall?

    Okay, so your exterior walls might not literally have writing on them; however, they might still have become visually blighted in a different way. Perhaps those walls have picked up drabs and scuffs which you could now conceal with a fresh lick of paint.

    Your walls’ paint can, over time, disintegrate in a way that reflects their age. Hence, you might need to repaint them yearly – and you could use this as an opportunity to experiment with colour. You could consider sponging the paint or splattering it across a base colour.

    If you have brick walls that you would prefer to leave bare, the brickwork might still need repointing to look its best. Fortunately, we can carry out brickwork repointing at homes in the North East.

    Have the roof polished or painted

    Your home’s roof could often be neglected – and perhaps unsurprisingly so, given how risky and even life-threatening it could be for you to ascend to that roof yourself. Therefore, you could hand that responsibility to a roofing professional like a staffer from our own team at Findley.

    Rain, snow and sun can damage a roof over time. However, roofs can be effectively repaired and painted by our roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Durham and other parts of North East England. For more details about these services, dial 0191 417 3422. One of our roofing experts will be ready to address any queries and concerns that might be lingering on your mind.

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