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    Top 5 spring cleaning tips

    Ever noticed how, whenever spring comes around, you feel in the mood to give your residence a thorough clean? This could be because spring is a season of renewal, as the snow and brown leaves associated with the colder months start disappearing and more light starts trickling into our lives.

    So, why wouldn’t it make sense to give your home something of a renewal, too? Nonetheless, the job can prove unexpectedly challenging; here are some tips for achieving a better spring clean.

    Put together a schedule you can stick to

    Spring cleaning can seem like a mammoth task; it can encompass not only routine dusting, vacuuming and mopping, but also cleaning walls and windows and moving furniture, HowStuffWorks notes.

    However, there remain ways that you can make things easier for yourself. For example, you can plan well ahead and do small jobs before moving onto the larger responsibilities, as advised on BT’s site. Then, set aside some time to decide when the spring clean should properly start.

    Get yourself into a spring cleaning mindset

    Lynsey Crombie, the “Queen of Clean” known for her regular appearances on the Channel 4 show Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, suggests various unique methods for cultivating the right mood.

    Those techniques include obtaining some room diffusers, scented candles and fresh candles to give your interiors smells of spring. If there is particular music that gets you motivated for a big job like spring cleaning, compile a playlist of that music to leave playing while you get underway.

    Get multiple things done in time-effective ways

    Through following a schedule that has been carefully thought through and strategically ordered, you can get more out of time you spend on spring cleaning duties.

    For example, if you have already arranged a trip that is entirely unrelated to spring cleaning, you could buy or otherwise pick up supplies – like cleaning products, cloths and rags – while out and about. Before leaving the house, you could also detach curtains to take to the dry cleaners.

    Clear out the clutter

    Do you really need everything that is currently in your home? By being ruthless in how you assess the usefulness of each item in your house, you can better discern whether you really do.

    If you still struggle, you could follow a simple rule advocated by House Beautiful: if an item hasn’t been used during the last six months, consider disposing of it. Only seasonal items and clothing should be exempt from this rule.

    Consider putting tidied spaces to new uses

    One rather amusing advantage of spring cleaning is that you could clear out a space to such an extent that it effectively ceases to serve its previous purpose. One possible case in point is that of the garage: if you choose to get rid of the car, what do you then need the garage for?

    However, with our help, you could have it converted for use as additional living or storage space. Garage conversions are part of our services which also include installing and repairing roofing in Gateshead.

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