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  • brickwork

    Knowing when to repoint a wall

    Mortar is one of the few aspects that most houses have in common with each other. Regardless of the shape, size or cost of the house, mortar “separates individual masonry units from one another”, Homebuilding & Renovating explains. Because of its durability and the accessibility of the materials needed, mortar is found in-between the brickwork […]

  • storm

    5 ways to protect your roof from storms, heavy rains and strong wind

    This time of year can be a nightmare for your roof. What with those heavy rains sloshing down, the blustering winds and the scary storms wailing away, it’s certainly not the most pleasant of the seasons. But before you draw the curtains and enlist the help of Julie Andrews, we suggest you read on. It’s […]

  • Brickwork

    DIY tips: How to repoint a wall

    Repointing a wall can be a daunting task, but sometimes a very necessary one. The mortar that holds the bricks together can sometimes account for up to 15% of the wall’s surface area. It can quite literally make or break your wall, so repointing your wall can save it. As mortar is the main defence […]

  • leak

    Discovered a leak in your roof? 5 immediate steps to take

    We all know the feeling of hearing that dreaded drip-drip-drip coming from your roof. Instead of ignoring it in the hope that it’ll just go away, you should check for a leak immediately. Once you’ve discovered the leak, here are five steps you should take in order to stop the leak as soon as possible, […]

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