• Cost of a new roof

    Understanding the cost of a new roof in the UK

    For homeowners, a good quality roof is a significant investment because not only does it appeal to the exterior aesthetics of your property but it covers, protects and ensures the safety of those living inside it. The usual longevity of a high-quality standard roof, built with the best roofing materials and with regular maintenance, is usually at least 20 years.

    Regardless of the materials, maintenance and the price you pay for your roof there are certain things out of your control that can cause it to be damaged. Factors such as general wear and tear, climate changes and weather exposure all eventually take its toll on the structure and can cause alarming damage if not repaired quickly.

    Simple damages and leaks on the roof can be repaired easily with sealant, although this is not recommended even if it does delay replacement. Water marks and stains on the walls or ceilings can be a sign of a long term leak or problem somewhere in the roofing system. When this is the case, more often than not, opening up the roof will show extensive damage, such as wood rot, to the surrounding structures. This weakens the foundation of the roof and will mean that immediate replacement is required for health and safety purposes.

    A new roof from a professional roofing company can cost anywhere from £2,000 to £40,000 or more depending on the issues you need to take into consideration. Some of these factors include things such as:


    The roof area is the most important and influential factor for the roof cost. Of course, the bigger your roof is, the more materials, scaffolding, and workers you need.

    Roof design

    The cost is also dependent on the simplicity or the complexity of your roof design. Understandably, the more complicated the roof is to work on the higher the cost. These complexities can include things such as roof lights and fixtures, valleys, dormers, and hips. You also need to consider the elements surrounding your roof such as gutters, soffits, fascias and more. These can also be damaged and should be replaced along with the rest of the roof.


    The location of the house, proximity from other houses and its height from the ground will also be considered. Frequent exposure of your house to certain factors such as rain and sunlight affects the longevity of the roof. Therefore, the most appropriate materials will be chosen.


    Of course, a lot of the cost will depend on the extent of damage to your roof. If the surrounding or under layers are also affected and are already rotten, the more expensive your roof replacement will cost.


    When choosing the type of material to be used for the roof repair or replacement you should consider their longevity. Some people are unable to fully disregard the aesthetics of the roof, and it can end up costing you a lot more than expected. You do not necessarily need to rely on cheap materials because these can be questionable. Instead, talk to your contractors, and they can give you suggestions and recommendations about the materials which can fit well into your budget and preferences.

    It is also advisable to do your own research about different products and materials from numerous suppliers and manufacturers. Take a look at the comments section from customers and look at the satisfaction rate of the products that they offer. You could also ask families and friends to give you referrals from products that they have used both good and bad.

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