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    What roofing material is most energy efficient?

    The energy efficiency of your home isn’t a matter warranting scant regard. It can affect your energy bills and, therefore, the day-to-day expense of running your home. Furthermore, according to the Energy Saving Trust, a quarter of a home’s heat can be lost through the roof.

    Hence, you should pay particularly strong attention to what material your roof uses – or, if you plan to have that roof replaced, will use. Monitoring your roof’s energy can be a good use of yours!

    Clay the word: su-su-super energy efficient

    Clay has much in common with slate, another roofing material to which our attention will turn. Both are naturally forming, rather than human-made, materials – and this strengthens their green credentials. Both materials can also work very well in various weather conditions.

    Nonetheless, clay is best suited to installation in warmer climates – as, when subjected to heavy hail, clay tiles can be shatter-prone, DoItYourself.com cautions.

    Better slate than never

    Slate is usually stronger than clay, making it the more versatile option. You don’t have to worry about the climate changing in a way that could damage slate, which can also be recycled and reclaimed. Like clay, slate is also biodegradable, making it safe to dispose of.

    Overall, whether you opt for clay or slate for your roof, you can have faith that you are selecting a material renowned for its energy efficiency. However, are there other, possibly better options?

    Why insulating with concrete isn’t a con

    Here in the North East, the weather can be harsh at worst and unpredictable at best, meaning that the resilience of roofing materials should often come into play as you mull over your options.

    At Findley, we have the expertise to install clay or slate as part of our roofing services in Newcastle, Durham, Middlesbrough and other places of the North East. However, we can also fit concrete, which can withstand snow build-up and be enamel-coated to better trap heat, says Greener Ideal.

    Because your TLX Gold… could insulate your roof

    You might be reticent about arranging for your existing roof to be wholly replaced just to bolster its energy efficiency – especially if it remains very practical and is blighted by only slight damage. For this reason, you could instead just have that roof insulated to make it more energy efficient.

    We have packed advanced technology into our TLX Gold insulation product, a 2-in-1 breather membrane which can prevent condensation developing and be installed delightfully simply.

    Does your cloud have a TLX Silver lining?

    An alternative TLX offering to the Gold product is – yes – TLX Silver, a reflective multi-foil material which, for your roof, can ensure an entire air and vapour barrier to impressive insulating effect. However, the material is still just 30mm thick – a lot of effectiveness has been squeezed into it!

    Whether you would like us to replace or simply insulate your roof in the North East, we can have expert roofers readily at hand if you phone 0191 417 3422.

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