• When should you consider a professional roof inspection?

    Given the crucial purpose that your home’s roof serves in helping to protect your residential interior from damage, you should periodically check that the roof itself is in good physical condition, too.

    There are instances where you might be able to get away with limiting these checks to visually inspecting the roof from the ground. However, in many cases, it may be warranted for you to arrange a more thorough inspection carried out by a professional roofing firm like ours.

    You have spotted indicators of a damaged or lost tile

    You might have seen active leaking from one of your residential ceilings – which may, as a result, have been left with damp patches. These can both be signs that a roof tile has cracked or slipped, Which? says. Water may have entered a gap in the tiling and penetrated the underlying felt.

    If a tile has been dislodged from its usual position, it ought to be swiftly replaced; otherwise, high winds could send other tiles slipping.

    You see damp patches even if you have a flat roof

    Flat roofs are not immune from water penetration, either. If your roof is flat, but the ceiling still has damp patches, this may have resulted from a tear in that roof.

    Even at ground level, you can still check a flat roof. In checking it, you might notice uneven lumps. These may be a sign that the roof needs to be repaired; however, you should have that roof professionally inspected to be sure.

    It might not be safe for you to ascend a ladder

    It might be practically possible for you to climb up a ladder yourself to do the task of checking the roof. However, words that bear emphasis there are “might” and “practically”.

    You might never have checked a roof in that manner before and, hence, lack confidence in your ability to do so. Worse, you may be unable to have that ladder secured in place before you climb up it. In either instance, using a ladder to check that roof could be dangerous for you.

    The weather is warm

    Yes, discerning the right time for a professional roof inspection might require you to do something as simple as check the weather. Inspecting a roof in cold weather can pose various problems…

    One issue is that, should a new roof be installed in low temperatures, they could hamper the success of that installation by preventing shingles properly sealing down. Furthermore, as the home advice website Bob Vila explains, “attempting repairs on icy roofs can be treacherous”.

    Your roof has been in place for over 10 years

    For a roof that was installed under five years ago, an inspection from ground level – coupled with a speedy check for attic leaks – might suffice. However, if it has been more than 10 years since the roof was installed, you should have a roofing professional inspect it. We can send a roofer to Washington, Newcastle or elsewhere in the North East to do the inspecting.

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